Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Bear: The Town

The only bad thing about going to Big Bear Lake at on off time is that all the places I wanted to eat were closed on Monday and Tuesday. But driving to the grocery store for breakfast was not so bad because it put me right next to the Stanfield Marsh boardwalk. The boardwalk was almost deserted at 9 am on a Tuesday, and thus it was a decent bird watching spot. Afterward, I resisted going to Starbucks across the parking lot from the grocery store (even though the pumpkin spice latte had just come out that day!) and instead took my juice and granola bar into town to see if I could find a local coffee shop. It took a little bit of wandering around a town that was also almost deserted, but eventually I stumbled upon the Copper Q, which had everything I was looking for: coffee and great outdoor seating for reading my paper.

Guess what I did next? (Hint hint!)

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