Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Red Lion Tavern: A Bit of Germany in Silverlake

Having only been to Germany once when I went to Oktoberfest and having also had an odd sausage/soup ordering experience then, maybe I should have been more skeptical of the sausage soup on the menu at Red Lion. But the waiter recommended the split pea with wiener, and I didn't think twice. If I was more skeptical though, my friends and I would not have had the hilarious experience of seeing this come out:

 Despite this odd and amusing sight, I thought the food (even my split pea with wiener) was good! I tried the German potatoes (cooked with bacon), the spaetzle, and the bratwurst, and I liked all of them. What I liked most, though, was the atmosphere. The outdoor seating is actually the roof of the restaurant, but it has been decorated and surrounded by trees so that you feel like you're somewhere else completely. Somewhere far more quaint and rural and a little kitschy (in the best way). Atmosphere like that with Spaten on tap is a perfect way to spend an evening.


German Wiz said...

Das war ein gutes Bier! Doch während die Bratwurst war gut, ich glaube, ich ziehe Wurstküche für Würste. Ein großartiger Ort, um etwas Deutsch Entwürfe zwar zu genießen.

Anonymous said...

WELL! I don't know how to compete with someone who responds in German. However, I did find it hard to believe your soup and wiener was really tasty.

The Search for J Street said...

They were good. Just not together really. I pulled the sausage out and ate it with a fork and knife. Then I ate the soup. The soup was actually fantastic! You could tell it was real blended peas and not Progresso from a can.

The Search for J Street said...

German Wiz- I also think Wurstküche has better sausages, but not better atmosphere. It might be a toss up for the drafts though!