Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Bear: Lake Tour

So as you probably guessed from my "cliff hanger' post on Friday, I spent the end of my second day at Big Bear Lake going on a boat tour. I highly recommend the Miss. Liberty tour. The guide is a life long laker and is just a wealth of knowledge. I will try to share all of the tidbits I gleaned from him that I can remember!

A view of my lodgings - Lagonita Lodge - from the lake.

Tipping rock, hence the graffiti, up close and from afar. So named because, well, it's looked like it is going to tip over for decades now.

Some of the houses of the better known Big Bear residents. 1) Britney Spears - she's never there 2) the Max Factor family 3) some 1950s celebrity whose name I forget 4) Bugsy Siegal - who apparently dumped a bunch of slot machines in the lake in front of his place which have never been retrieved and 5) Roy Rogers of burger fame. Another house (not pictured) belongs to the son of Mel Blank, the voice of the Looney Toons. The son has taken up the family business since his father passed away and now voices the same characters. He came out to say hello to the tour in all the various character voices, which was definitely the highlight!

This is a cabin built on state park land (versus the Big Bear Lake town). In order to build on park land, you have to agree not to move any trees or rocks. So these creative homeowners built their cabin over a giant bolder. Can you see it through the window/cut out in the middle of the cabin?!

The UCLA sun observatory.

Here's another crafty homeowner. This island used to be a peninsula, but right before the town increased the dam and raised the level of the water, the current resident bought this spot and imported these little cabins. Then the water rose, the land bridge was covered, and this person had a lovely little private island!

And finally, a few shots of the sun rise and ducks getting their breakfast on from the morning I left. They're not from the boat tour, but they are a good close to the Big Bear trip. I cannot wait to go back in October!

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