Thursday, September 29, 2011

Biking the LA River

So this past Friday my class was canceled, and I tried something new: biking up through Chinatown to the LA river bike trail. I admit, I did not have high expectations since I had only seen the trail from the highway on my way to the Costco in Los Feliz. So I was surprised to find the concrete basin that I thought of as the LA river actually has a lot of water and plants and wildlife! Granted this is not the most impressive display of nature ever, but compared to the area around it, the river bike path is a nice respite from warehouses and pothole-ridden streets. I saw all sorts of cranes, gulls, and herons. I was enjoying myself so much that before I knew it, I had biked 10 miles out! My goal next time is to bring more water and take the trail all the way to the north edge of Griffith Park.

LA River Bike Path
Entrance on N. Figueroa St.
Just west and over the bridge from the intersection with N. San Fernando Rd.

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